How about buying a violin from Fiddlover?


A high-quality violin can help you learn and play this instrument better, whether it's a beginner or a professional player. High-quality violins on the market tend to be expensive, but there are also affordable violin brands such as Fiddlover.

Introduction of Fiddlover

Fiddlover is a violin manufacturer with a factory located in China. In the beginning, Fiddlover focused more on the production of violins. Every process was in accordance with traditional Italian craftsmanship. With more than 30 years of experience in violin making, Fiddlover mainly focused on the production of low-end violins. With the development of the Internet, more and more customers purchase violins online, so now they are starting to pay attention to online promotions and sales. Fiddlover Violin Shop, an online store for violins, has been established to serve customers all over the world.

How about Fiddlover's violin?

At present, Fiddlover's violin is mainly divided into three levels, beginner, intermediate and fine. Violins of different levels will have different prices and corresponding quality, which can meet the daily practice and professional use of violins. The price of Fiddlover brand violin products is around $200-3000, so you can choose the violin that suits you according to your situation.

Beginner violin:

This level of the violin is more suitable for children, students, or violin beginners (adults). For beginners, a suitable violin can help you improve your violin playing skills in daily practice. Therefore, violins of this level should have both good quality and a cheap price (because expensive violins can also be difficult for beginners to bear). Priced at $200-$800 for beginner violin grades, Fiddlover represents the best and most affordable beginner violin on the market with durability, playability, and affordability. Violins of this level are all kits, and you can get all the relevant accessories by purchasing the violin, right out of the box. Accessories include a case, bow, tuner, rosin, spare strings, shoulder rest, polishing cloth, and gloves. At the same time, more violin sizes are also available, such as 4/4 (full size), 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, and 1/16. Overall, it is the best choice for beginners or children.

The Classic Student/Beginner Violin Outfit is one of the most popular beginner violin sets of 2022.

fiddlvoer violin Q033 news 11.19Feature:

·Includes a set of high-quality accessories that work right out of the box.

·The top and back plates are made of spruce and maple wood that has been naturally dried over many years, with a beautiful pattern.

·Each violin is shipped after a strict 11-item inspection, which is safe and secure.

·Purely handmade, in line with international standards of piano making.

·Enjoy a 30-day free return policy and free shipping.

Intermediate violin:

This level is an upgraded version of the primary violin, which can meet the higher pursuit of violin beginners for the aesthetics and sound quality of the violin. The price range of this level of violin is $600-2500, which is more suitable for beginners with a sufficient budget or experienced violinists. The wood of the violin is mainly maple and spruce which have been dried for many years. The origin is divided into China and Europe. The price of the violin made of European wood will be higher. Because it is sold directly from the factory and does not spend more money on branding, Fiddlover can provide better violin quality than its peers at this price point. From the customer feedback collected, you can feel the love for this level. Some customers say that the violin they bought can sound better than the more expensive violin in offline stores. If you are a professional violinist or need to perform solo or take exams, then Fiddlover's intermediate violin can be of great help to you.

Fiddlover Concert Full Size 4/4 Intermediate Violin Q020, ideal for professional players or beginners who need to upgrade their violin.

Fiddlover violin q020 news 11.19Feature:

·Tribute to the great Stradivarius master with a 1716 violin model.

·Selected high-quality European spruce and maple wood, 100% real ebony accessories, handcrafted by traditional Italian piano craftsmanship.

·Full and mellow sound, very beautiful, but also penetrating.

·After careful installation and debugging, the performance of the violin can be played perfectly.

·Present a high-end case and a high-quality bow.

·Enjoy a 30-day free return policy and free shipping.

Fine Violin:

Violins of this level are sold to professional players. So this level of the violin has no extra accessories. Each violin is made of 4A-grade wood carefully selected by the luthier, using traditional Italian craftsmanship, and every process is hand-made. It is not only a musical instrument but a luthier's understanding and interpretation of music and art. Therefore, this level of the violin is more suitable for players who have their own playing style, not for beginners.

Why is Fiddlover's violin cheaper?

1: The factory is located in China. At present, more than 70% of the world's violins are produced in China, especially the middle and low-end violins, so the beginner violins that can be purchased in the United States are basically made in China. Fiddlover's factory is in China.

2: Fiddlover provides factory prices directly. Fiddlover is a violin manufacturer. At present, it has its own violin shop, so it can directly face customers without going through dealers and can provide customers with ex-factory prices without middlemen to make the difference.

3: No brand premium. Fiddlover focused more on violin production and didn't spend any budget on branding. Many violin shops on the market spend a lot of advertising costs on brand promotion, these costs and brand awareness will be included in the product price, so they will be more expensive than Fiddlover's violins.

4: Fiddlover's values. For a long time, Fiddlover is committed to making more efforts to popularize the violin while protecting the environment, so providing violin lovers with high-quality and affordable violins has always been the core cultural concept of the brand.

Is it safe to shop at Fiddlover Violin Shop?

Shopping online is very safe. Fiddlover Violin Shop is Fiddlover's online store. The entire store provides a complete selection guide and after-sales service and provides targeted preferential policies for new and old customers. Orders over $10 can enjoy free shipping and a 30-day return policy. If you have any questions, you can also leave a message through the website or chat online for more information. The official email address of the brand is Subscribers can also regularly receive violin-related information and discounts via email.

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