4/4 Premium Red Wood Carbon Fiber Viola Bow B218
Fiddlover premium viola carbon fiber bow, classic shape, wrapped with selected red wood, has both the strength of carbon fiber bow and the warm tone of wooden bow. Use selected Mongolian male horse tail hair, which is pure in color...
High-quality Brazilian Wood Viola Bow B217
Fiddlover Classic Wooden Viola Bow. The bow body is made of selected Brazilian wood, with appropriate hardness, not easy to bend sideways, easy to control, and sensitive to sound transmission. Great for performance use.
4/4 Classic Carbon Fiber Viola Bow B216
Fiddlover classic carbon fiber viola bow shape, black upgraded carbon fiber material, no deformation, classic Parisian eye frog, symmetrical pattern winding silk. Suitable for entry-level performance and daily practice, it can meet most of the needs of beginners. Using high-quality...
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