To play is to express yourself

Art is an expression, and the violin is part of artistic elegance. By playing the violin, you can express your happiness, sadness, calmness, etc., and you can also record your own life and growth. We believe that what we provide to violinists is not only a high-quality violin, but also a spiritual companion.

dream supporter

It's time to figure out who you are supposed to be, to find your place in the word. It doesn't matter what your age, what your status, or whatever reason you choose to play the violin. Now that you've made a decision, stick with it! Show your enthusiasm, your vitality, your love and your understanding of the world through the violin. We will be your powerful helpers on the road to freedom.


We firmly believe that focusing on one thing can not only realize your own value, but also bring happiness to others. We have been focusing on violin making and process improvement, focus makes our products highly competitive and well received by customers.


We denounces all forms of racism, discrimination and violence, we are committed to helping create a more equitable society-- a real harmony in diversity world.


Every positive things should be encouraged, not to mention wonderful things like playing violin, find out about our subsidy program.


We are actively involved in Environment Conservation Activities and have achieved remarkable results. Learn more about our Green Soul.
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