Fiddlover Elegant Intermediate Viola Outfit VI3
Features Of Fiddlover Elegant Intermediate Viola VI3 The Fiddlover VI3 viola is made of upgraded European maple and spruce. The beautiful and uniform tiger-stripe backboard has hinted at its value and performance. The sound is warm and easy to play....
Fiddlover Intermediate Viola Outfit VI1
Features Of Fiddlover Intermediate Viola Outfit VI1 Handmade high-grade pattern viola VI1, fish scale spruce top, natural uniform pattern back, custom made by senior luthiers, the size is as fine as 0.1mm. The bridge is finely polished, the pegs, peg,...
Fiddlover Classic Beginner Viola Outfit VI2
Features Of Fiddlover Classic Beginner Viola VI2 Fiddlover intermediate viola VI2 is made of 4A grade Sichuan maple and spruce. The top grain is uniform and dense, and the back grain is symmetrical and obvious, which highlights its value and...
Fiddlover Beginner Viola VQ1
Features Of Fiddlover Beginner Viola Outfit VQ1 Fiddlover beginner viola VQ1, made of maple and spruce which are the most suitable for making viola, the chinrest and fingerboard are made of black ebony, which looks good, and will not fade,...
Fiddlover Elegant Beginner Viola Outfit VB1
Features Of Fiddlover Elegant Beginner Viola Outfit VB1 The VB1 beginner viola is made of Sichuan spruce and maple, which are the most suitable materials for making violas. The tailpiece is inlaid with fish eyes, and the accessories are made...
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