How to choose a beginner violin?6 tips to help you


In the article 《what is a good violin》, we know how to judge what is a good violin, and we can refer to these criteria to choose a suitable violin.

Before we start, let's discuss why a good violin doesn't equal a suitable violin. The vast majority of fiddle lovers aspire to own a genuine Italian-made fine antique violin, Putting aside the million-dollar value of these violins, the scarcity of these violins will make it difficult for you to buy them. If we're obsessed with finding good violins, that puts us into the realm of collectors. As violin lovers, we should choose our favorite violin according to our own budget, age, current level, and plan study time. Affordable price + like is the right violin.

Now let's get to the point - how to choose a beginner violin?

Step 1. Where to buy a beginner violin?

Now the channels for buying beginner violins are offline stores, online platforms (Amazon, eaby), and online stores, each of these three channels has its own merits. Offline stores, with good quality and high prices overall, you can try the violin first (but in most cases, beginners don't know how to test the violin, and still need the recommendation of the store owner or the company of a teacher); Online platforms, the price is very low, but the quality is also low; online stores, the price is relatively low, the quality is good, and there are many choices, but the violin can only be seen after the goods are received, and the after-sales and service requirements of the website are higher. I have to mention that, no matter which channel, most of the violins come from China, which is the production base of our factory here. So, in general: if you really want to learn the violin, please don’t choose to buy it on the platform; if you have a familiar offline store, you can ask the owner to recommend a beginner violin, but try to choose a professional violin store not a musical instrument store; if you want better value for money, and more options, go to an online store. In fact, after the development of online shopping, the shopping experience of our online store is relatively complete. We are a factory and can directly provide a wide variety of ex-factory price products; Company qualifications are reviewed by the government and banks; Transaction orders are monitored by paypal and credit card centers. Logistics is cooperation with UPS and FEDEX, is a one-stop violin shop with a focus on cost-effectiveness and can be your best choice. Learn more why us.

Step 2. Buy a beginner violin or rent it?

The debate over whether to rent or buy a beginner violin never stops. I firmly support you to buy a beginner violin, not because we sell violins, but because first of all, each violin has its own personality, you need to be friends with it for a long time to understand it, and the initial purpose of renting is to save money, but often you will find in the end that you can buy a good beginner violin for the money you rent.

Step 3. I'm not sure how much I'm going to spend?

The first rule is to choose the most expensive one within your budget. Because in general, the more expensive the violin, the better the tone, the easier it is to play and adjust, and the more conducive to the continuous development of interest. But there are two special cases to pay attention to. Children don’t have to buy expensive violins, because children need to change the size of the violin until 4/4; Don't overspend on master crafting fame, as there's not much difference between levels of proficiency. Let's spread the word for us here again, we have our own factory and no additional marketing expenses, so you can buy better violins in our shop for the same money.

Step 4. Choose a violin

As a beginner, it is difficult to choose a violin based on the standards of the violin competition. We can refer to some main influencing factors. (Reference article 《what is a good violin》):

  1. Generally, the top panel is made of spruce, and the back panel is made of maple. Low-end violin may be replaced with something like basswood. Learn more about violin parts.
  2. Material origin. Generally in Europe and Asia, European ones are relatively better and more expensive, followed by Chinese ones.
  3. Air-drying period. The longer the air-drying time, the better. Generally, it takes more than three years to meet the minimum requirements for beginner.
  4. Production methods. Master single-person making > multi-person collaboration > machine crafting. Learn more about our craft.
  5. Pick your favorite paint style, there are many paint styles for violins (you can see the pictures on our product details page). In addition, on cheap violins the varnish is usually a thick, shiny, smooth polyurethane. This actually stops the instrument from vibrating as it is too hard, we all use quality oil or spirit based varnish to make violins, and guaranteed at least 15 coats of paint. By the way, it is a cold knowledge that Faux Vintage Varnish Style are not allowed in the violin making competition, but the public still likes retro-style violins very much.
  6. Set up. Set up is not a fixed data, but a dynamic balance process. The character of each violin is different, and it should be set according to the integrity of the instrument, this is a process that requires beginners to explore and learn for a long time. The good news is that our instrument are all set up before they ship, you just need to fine-tune them while you play. Learn more about 11 point set up.

In general:

Beginners choose violin. If you want to really learn the violin, don’t buy a violin below $150 on the online platform; if there is a familiar offline violin store owner, please let him introduce you or go with your teacher; online violin stores are more cost-effective High, more optional, transparent information, guaranteed transactions. Because we provide ex-factory products, a violin around $300 in our store can meet the minimum needs of beginners, and then choose the most expensive, suitable size, and favorite varnish style beginner violin within your budget as a suitable violin.


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