Thanksgiving 2022 Giving Back


The world we live in has changed greatly in the past year, both good and bad. Family and friends have been by our side, and on this memorable holiday coming up, thank them and thanks for yourself the hard work you have done.

Thanksgiving in 2022 is coming, so how much do you know about Thanksgiving?

At first, there was no fixed date for Thanksgiving in each state in the United States, and it was up to the states to decide. In 1863, President Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a national holiday, but the time of Thanksgiving was not fixed. It wasn't until 1941, when President Roosevelt signed a joint resolution that, beginning in 1942, Congress changed the official national Thanksgiving to the fourth Thursday in November. Therefore, the date of Thanksgiving now has a fixed pattern, and Thanksgiving in 2022 is November 24th.

On Thanksgiving Day, people enjoy being together with their families, enjoying a hearty dinner, praying thanksgiving together, and participating in a variety of activities. At dinner parties, turkey is a must. Chicken is the traditional main course of Thanksgiving. It is usually stuffed with various seasonings and mixed foods in the turkey belly, and then roasted whole and the chicken skin is roasted to a dark brown. The host cut it into pieces with a knife and distributed it to everyone. Then pour the marinade yourself, and sprinkle with salt, the taste is very delicious. After dinner, it is also great fun to go to the Thanksgiving parade or play games with family and friends. In short, at this festival, throw away all your worries and fully enjoy the joy of being with your family and friends. Thank you to everyone you meet, thank God.

Thanks again to every customer, best wishes to you.

Of course, the day after Thanksgiving is Friday, also known as "Black Friday," when discounts and shopping go mainstream. Fiddlover Violin Shop would like to thank every customer, your recognition and support are the driving force behind our progress. This year, we have made a lot of attempts, and there have been successes and failures, but we will always stick to our philosophy: to provide violin lovers with high-quality and affordable instruments. As a violin shop, all we can do is give back to our customers with discounts, thank you for your support. To that end, we've handpicked this year's top-rated products for our Thanksgiving deals, which can be purchased through the Special Offer page.

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