Earl Violin Outfit Q020
The Earl Violin Outfit Q020 features a finely-detailed wood grain pattern with evenly distributed spruce top, a classic one-piece maple back, and sides.All details have been re-tuned to achieve the perfect sound in the current configuration. The Queen Violin series...
Viscount Violin Outfit Q006
The Viscount Violin Q006 focuses on instrument quality and provides a comfortable playing experience for performers. The exquisite snake wood fittings enhance the violin's beauty.It features a top-quality Italian spruce top from high-altitude regions, and the back and sides are...
Baron 4/4 Intermediate Violin Outfit
The best selling violin this year.Its powerful and rich tone will delight and surprise the player.The Baron Violin Outfit Q003 completely fulfills the expectations of performers regarding a high-quality violin: traditional craftsmanship, exceptional performance, and exquisite appearance. Combined with its...
$659.00 $599.00
Professional German Bass Bow Multi-Style B1171
Professional multi-style bass bows with German styles. Able to meet the needs of professional bass players. Support custom weight/length/hair quantity/accessories. 1. German Sandalwood Frog: Bow: Brazilian wood. Frog: Snake wood + colored shells. Grip: lizard skin + alloy metal wire. Non-slip and...
Beginner Violin Outfit W/Case,Rosin,Bow,Shoulder Rest,Strings,Sticker,Polishing Cloth,Mute Q033
The Knight Violin Outfit Q033 is one of the best-selling styles in our store and is highly suitable for beginners. The Knight violin features a spruce top, maple back, and sides, providing a richer and warmer sound. It offers everything...
$299.00 $279.00
4/4 Purple Lacquer Electric Violin EX2
EX2 is a mid-level electric violin, the sound is output from the headphone, the electric violin body is made of solid wood, the purple bright paint style, and the ebony accessories. AA level pickups. Outfit include:electric violin, bow, case, battery ,premium...
$389.00 $253.50
4/4 Solo Octagonal Violin Bow B106
Solo-level violin wooden bow, made of selected horsetail hair and Brazilian wood, silver/gold wire winding, silver accessories frog, whether it is performance or appearance, it can meet any of your needs. Frog:Natural Abalone Shell Weight: 2.2oz/63g Lizard Grip Balance point:10.4in/26.5cm...
Sonata Intermediate Violin Outfit L017
The L017 violin features a top plate made from naturally air-dried spruce sourced from the high-altitude regions of Northeast China. It has excellent acoustic qualities. The back and sides are crafted from maple wood sourced from Sichuan, China, with natural...
$599.00 $567.00
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