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The modern violin originated in Cremona, Italy. The masters at that time were exquisite in craftsmanship, and the violins made were sought after by people and became the production standard of modern violins. With the spread of violin-making technology, China has also become a vital violin production base in the world. Every year, about 70% of the world's violins are produced in China. The violins made in China also allow violin lovers from all over the world can buy violins at a cheap price and embark on their musical world. Today, let's learn about violin manufacturing in China.

The origin and development of the Chinese violin

As we all know, the violin is a European musical instrument. In ancient China, there was no violin. However, with the advent of the era of great voyages, the exchanges between China and the West have become increasingly close, and missionaries came to China to carry out missionary missions, thus bringing European musical instruments to China, including the violin. However, for a long time, China has not produced violins, and violins are only a part of the aristocracy in China who can conditionally appreciate them. It was not until the 1930s that the first violin was produced in China, which was also the first time that violin was produced in China.

With the passage of time, the violin has become more and more loved by music lovers in China. There are many violinists in places like Beijing and Shanghai in China. They are not only able to play the violin, but also skilled luthiers. Some of them went to study in Cremona, Italy and brought the long-standing Italian violin-making craftsmanship to China, which greatly promoted the development of Chinese violin-making craftsmanship.

After the unremitting efforts and inheritance of generations of Chinese violin masters, China has become the world's violin production base, and Chinese violins have been exported to Japan, Europe, the United States, and other countries.

For violin beginners, can I buy a Chinese violin?

Yes, if you are a violin beginner, then a violin made in China will be your only choice. As you may have doubts, I bought a violin for under $1000 locally in the US, not from China. However, the actual situation is that it is very likely that the source of this store is China, and it is just affixed with its logo. The reason for this situation is that 70% of the violins in the global market are produced in China, especially in the middle and low-end violin markets, which are made in China. So, if you need to buy a beginner violin, please boldly buy a violin made in China. You can buy an order online, which is cheaper than the local store.

Are there any advantages to violins made in China?

1: The quality of violins produced in China is guaranteed. With the continuous development of violin manufacturing in China, China has nearly 100 years of violin manufacturing history. Master violin makers from China have also won many awards in the world's violin-making competitions and are more and more recognized by the violin-making industry. Under the leadership and guidance of these masters, well-established violin schools have been established in various parts of China, and violin-making talents have been professionally and systematically trained.

2: The price of violins produced in China is relatively cheap. Compared with violins produced in Italy that cost tens of thousands of dollars, Chinese violins are more concentrated in the cheaper violin market. Of course, this has a lot to do with cheap labor in China. Generally speaking, it takes 200-300 hours to make a violin, which requires a lot of labor to make, so Chinese violins are relatively cheap in terms of cost.

3: China has wood that is very suitable for the violin. Traditional European woods are of course the best choice for luthiers, but for violin lovers, or beginners, it is not good news, because it means you have to pay expensive money to buy a violin in the first place. Fortunately, spruce and maple in Northeast China, Sichuan, and Yunnan are very suitable for making violins, which is one of the important factors for the rapid development of China's violin-making industry.

How is the quality of violins made in China?

Maybe you have doubts or have heard people say that the quality of violins produced in China is not good. However, the reality is that the quality of most violins produced in China is up to the standard, and there is no problem with the quality. Of course, if you choose a violin below $100, there is no way to guarantee the quality, so it is not recommended to buy a violin below $100, no matter which country it is produced in, it is not worth buying, because a violin at this price, there must be no quality, after all, you get what you pay for.

Violin manufacturer from China

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