As parents, how can you help your child learn the violin?


If your child shows interest in music and is willing to learn the violin, then as parents, how can you help them learn the violin? 

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Take your child's interest seriously 

If your child expresses a desire to learn the violin, not only should you encourage them, but you should also learn how to assist them.

1: Confirm whether your child enjoys the violin

Sometimes, children may have a momentary impulse, and they may not have decided whether they truly want to learn the violin. They might just think learning the violin is cool after seeing someone else play it.

As parents, after your child expresses a desire to learn the violin, you can take them to violin concerts and expose them to various violin performances. If your child thoroughly enjoys this experience, then you can help them plan how to learn the violin. Only genuine interest will be the motivation for your child to persevere because learning the violin can be challenging.

2: Find a violin instructor for beginners A good teacher can help a child learn the violin more effectively. At this stage, the focus is on developing the child's correct violin-playing posture. Following the teacher's guidance, the child can gradually learn how to play the violin. 

What parents should do is find a professional violin teacher and accompany the child during the sometimes tedious practice sessions. Additionally, parents can take their children to various musical events to foster their love for music and the violin.

3: Cultivate your child's focus

In everyday life, it is important to emphasize the cultivation of your child's focus. Focus is a crucial quality for children, as it not only helps them learn the violin better but also aids in their overall learning and handling of various tasks.

Parents can engage in games and activities that enhance their child's focus, allowing them to joyfully develop this skill through play.

4: Correct your child's practice posture

Playing the violin requires proper bowing and posture. This necessitates guidance from the teacher as well as reminders from parents to maintain the correct posture when the teacher is not present.

5: Helping Children Maintain the Violin and Bow If your child is relatively young, parents should clean the rosin powder off the violin together with the child after practice. Place the instrument inside its case and store it in a cool, dry place.

6: Purchasing the Right Size Violin Violins come in various sizes to suit children of different age groups. Parents must understand violin sizes and how to measure their child's arm length to match the appropriate violin size. This is crucial yet straightforward and can be learned by reading a violin-size guide.

7: Encourage Your Child and Listen to Their Thoughts 

Learning should be voluntary rather than forced. We can make children aware of issues and encourage them to change through communication, rather than using commanding approaches. Practicing the violin can be quite monotonous, especially when just starting out; the sounds produced can be quite noisy. Haha, the first time I played the violin, the sound made me doubt whether it was actually a musical instrument; it was really unpleasant to hear. However, these things will change as playing skills improve, so it's important to encourage your child to persevere.

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