Why choose the right size violin?

Just as important as the instrument setup is the size. If you play with an improperly sized violin, it might lead to fatigue, pain, and worst of all, may reduce your enthusiasm for the violin. Don't worry, follow these steps to find your perfect fit. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us service@fiddlover.com.

How to choose the right violin size for you?

First of all, you have to understand that many factors affect the choice of violin size, so you need to choose the right size according to your situation.Generally speaking, only the following three factors need to be considered. User's age, arm length, and violin size. The specific measurement method can be selected according to the violin size chart below.

How to measure for a violin:

  1. Offline shopping. Please lift the violin with the shoulders you are used to playing, and reach the arm out to wrap their fingers around the scroll. If you can wrap most of your fingers around the top of the scroll and maintain a slight bend in your arm, then the violin size is just right.
  2. Online shopping. Extend the arm fully and perpendicular to the body with the palm facing up. Measure from the base of the neck to the middle of the palm and check the table below to find the right size. If you are between sizes, please choose the smaller size. (The important factor is if you are able to or very close to playing the 4th finger. )violin sizing chart

Size Arm Length Typical Age
1/16 14"–15" 3-5 Years
1/10 15"–16" 3-5 Years
1/8 16"–18" 3-5 Years
1/4 18"–20" 4–7 Years
1/2 20"–22" 6-10 Years
3/4 22"–23" 9-11 Years
4/4 23" and up 12+ Years


How to measure for a viola:

Violas are measured in the same way as violins, please refer to the chart to find the right size.

Size Arm Length Typical Age
1/8 14"–15" 3-5 Years
1/4 15"–18" 5-7 Years
12" 18"–20" 7-9 Years
13" 20"–22" 8-10 Years
14" 22"–23" 9-12 Years
15" 23"–25" 11-13 Years
15.5" 26"–27" 12-14 Years
16" 27"–28" 14+ Years
16.5" 28" and up 14+ Years


How to measure for a cello:

  1. Offline shopping. Please sit at the end of the chair with your feet flat on the floor. Lean the cello at a 45 degree angle against your body. Extend the endpin so that the top of the cello body rests in the center of your chest. If you are holding the bow in your right hand, the C peg should be slightly behind your left ear.
  2. Online shopping. Please measure your height and refer to the chart below to find the corresponding size.
Size Height Typical Age
1/10 3' 3-4 Years
1/8 3'–3'6" 4-6 Years
1/4 3'6"–4' 5–7 Years
1/2 4'–4"6" 7-11 Years
3/4 4'6"–5' 9-15 Years
4/4 5' and up 15+ Years


How to measure for a double bass:

  1. Offline shopping. when you stand upright next to the bass, the bridge should be approximately at the same height as the large knuckles of your right hand, the important factor is that you need to feel comfortable.
  2. Online shopping. In general, the 3/4 size double bass is the standard size for adults, larger sizes are less common. Please measure your height and refer to the chart below to find the corresponding size.  

Size Height Typical Age
1/4 4'6"–5' 9-12 Years
1/2 4'10"–5"4" 11-15 Years
3/4 5'3" and up 15+ Years
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