To enhance customer experience, we offer an 18-month warranty for the majority of our products. Fiddlover has always taken great pride in its after-sales service, and we aim to ensure every customer can purchase with confidence.

18 Months Warranty

The majority of products we sell come with an 18-month warranty. This warranty is valid within 18 months from the receipt of the product and covers defects in components and workmanship. We will fulfill our warranty commitment by providing free repairs or product replacements.

This warranty excludes all consequential damages and does not cover damages resulting from accidents, misuse, normal wear and tear, or tampering.

Warranty Coverage for Products

For the vast majority of our products, we offer an 18-month warranty. However, consumable items are not covered under warranty.

Products not covered under warranty:

Rosin, strings, bow hair, violin stickers, and other consumable items are subject to normal wear and tear.

Products covered under warranty:

Violins, violas, cellos, basses, bows, and other items.

Warranty Coverage Details

For violins and the violin family of instruments, if there is non-human-induced damage to the main structural components of the instrument, such as the natural unglue of a violin, it falls within our 18-month warranty.

Regarding bows, we understand that bows are more susceptible to damage from accidental drops. Therefore, we provide a unique warranty policy for customers who purchase bows separately. Within 18 months of purchasing a bow, if it sustains damage that renders it non-functional, including damage resulting from accidents, we offer a one-time free repair or replacement service. However, re-hairs, grip material, cosmetic dings/scratches/chips, tip replacements, loss, or theft are not covered under warranty.

Repairs within the warranty scope are provided free of charge. Any damage caused by human-induced or improper use of the product is not covered by our warranty commitment. Fiddlover will assess each instrument that requires warranty service and determine whether it falls within the warranty scope based on the instrument's condition. Customers are responsible for the round-trip shipping of the instrument.

45-Day Return and Exchange Policy

All customers have the option to return or exchange products for free within 30 days of receiving the items. Customers who have subscribed to our free membership will have this period extended to 45 days. For more information, please refer to our refund policy.

Application Warranty Process

To report a warranty claim, please send us an email at Please provide us with the order number and describe the issue you are having in detail. Attach any images of potential damage or malfunctioning. 

We will follow up and try to address your claim as soon as possible after your initial contact with us. We always strive to offer the best customer service, and we take pride in our reputation.

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