4/4 Solo High End Pernambuco Cello Bow B116
B116 is a beautiful cello bow with iconic colorful winding, selected Pernambuco wood, craftsmanship that exceeds international standards. Easy to control, and with a warm sound, suitable for solo, concert and professional exams, is a distinctive cello bow. Body:Pernambuco. Sufficient elasticity, no...
Classic Cello Carbon Fiber Bow B219
Fiddlover Classic carbon fiber shape, made of selected carbon fiber materials, real ebony frog, inlaid with fish-eye shells. The bow hair is made from the tail of a Mongolian male horse, with pure and clean color and good elasticity. Using...
Advanced Cello Bow Brazilian Wood B207
After centuries of experimentation, violin makers have discovered that brazilian wood is the best for making violin bows.Brazilwood means "red wood" in Portuguese,and is most often used to refer to Caesalpinia echinata, also applied to Caesalpinia sappan. The Fiddlover high-end...
Intermediate Sandalwood Cello Bow Shield B221
As the shield carvings show---this Fiddlover cello bow gives you a sense of security and a stable sound no matter where you play. This bow is made of sandalwood, which is a kind of wood that is very suitable for...
Brazilian Wood Cello Bow Parisian Eye B220
  Brazilian Wood Cello Bow Parisian Eye B220 Fiddlover B220 Cello Bow made of selected Brazilian wood, round bow, real ebony frog, Parisian eye, gold and silver wire wrapping. The hair is made of the male horse tail of the...
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