Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before purchasing.
We are both a factory and a distributor. We are located in China, the world's major handmade violin production base, where 70% of the world's violins are produced. We mainly export products to Europe, Australia and America. We also built an online store direct-to-consumer. Learn more about us
Buy products in our online store, transactions and funds are secured and regulated by Paypal, shopify and credit card agencies. Make transactions more secure.

Compared with eaby&amazon violin: in my humble opinion, there is no comparison. Our violins are all handmade, not machine-made. Our violins are real violins that can be played, not cheap VSOs or violin props.

Compared with other violin stores: there are some respectable competitors, but our prices are ex-factory prices and there is no celebrity endorsement fee, so you can buy better products for the same money in our store.

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We ship all orders free of charge. But remote areas and large items require additional shipping. Learn more our shipping policy
Yes, we offer up to 45 days return service. Read more our refund policy
The main difference in the production cost of a violin is the production process and materials, more specifically the production experience and wood. A violin made by a master with more experience is more expensive; wood that has been air-dried longer is more expensive. Explore our craft

1. First rule: buy the most expensive within your budget, because the better the violin the more it will help interest.

2. For children, don't buy too expensive instruments, because after a while, you will need to change to a larger size violin, until 4/4.

3. Be wary of overpaying for “fame”.

We will notify you of the shipping number by email when your order is shipped. If you have obtained the shipping number, please click Order Tracking and enter your shipping number to check the real-time order status. Please note that sometimes there will be delays in the update of the courier company information.
Since some products are made of natural wood, it may not be exactly the same as the product picture. For example the violin.
Our registered office is Boulder, Colorado, and our factory is in China.
Our products are shipped from United States and China.
We are violin manufacturers and sell through our Fiddlover Violin Shop without any middlemen. Coupled with our studio operation model, there is no celebrity endorsement fee. Therefore, we can provide high-quality and low-cost commodities.
Yes, we provide discount codes for our customers, details can be viewed by clicking on the Subsidy Program .In addition, we also choose periods for discounts, such as the Christmas period.
First, you can chat with us through the online chat tool in the lower right corner of the website. Second, it is possible to interact with us through our Facebook. Finally, you can contact us by email, and we will reply immediately after receiving the email, generally within 12 hours. Our email address is
We provide you with a detailed maintenance guide. Click read more for more complete information.
Yes, we use 100% horse tail hair for our bow hair. If you want to know about the content of bow hair. Click read more for more complete information.
Violins have many sizes 4/4, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, etc. Click read more for more complete information.
Now 70% of the world's violins are produced in China. Most violins under $3,000 come from China. And violins from China have won many awards in the World Violin Competition. Therefore, violins made in China can be used with confidence. Click read more for more complete information.
We have always been committed to providing high-quality and low-cost instruments for violin lovers. Whether it is a professional player or a violin beginner, you can get the products you need from our online store. Click read more for more complete information.
After we receive your order, your item will generally be ready within 3 working days. Then arrange the delivery, and the logistics transportation time usually takes 7-10 working days. In case of peak shopping season, actual shipping time may be delayed.Click read more for more complete information.
Setup refers to installing accessories and debugging for the violin. Fiddlover’s violin will go through detailed debugging at 11 o’clock before delivery, to ensure that the violin received by the customer is set up. Click read more for more complete information.
We have provided you with a detailed guide to choosing a beginner violin.Click read more for more complete information.
In order to better serve customers, Fiddlover Violin Shop has added the Buyer Protection service provided by Seel.Click read more for more complete information.
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