What is a good beginner's violin? Fiddlover Q033 Violin Outfit

Today we are going to talk about the star product of our store, the best-selling beginner violin set Q033 violin.
Speaking of this violin, I can talk to you for three days and three nights. Just like its name, it was born in 2019, guarding the glory of the beginner violin like a knight. Yes, we officially launched the Q033 violin in 2019, Q means the queen series, we have defined positions for each violin in the Q series, and the Q033 violin is named Knight because of its low price, hoping it can become The warrior who charged into the battle, the result did not disappoint us, Q033 is selling very well all over the world.
When we discussed at the meeting later, we thought that the super high cost performance and beautiful artistic patterns of the Q033 violin conquered the market. It is made of high-quality spruce and maple, the woods are carefully selected and have no scars. And we upgraded its accessories in 2023, the bridge was upgraded to Aubert bridge, the original strings were upgraded from steel strings to alloy strings, the spare strings were upgraded to D'ADDARIO Prelude violin string, good bridges and strings It can significantly improve the performance of the violin.
Why Q033 is suitable for beginners, because it has a balanced sound effect, between warm and bright, and does not pick the tune. This is very important for beginners who are just starting to learn the violin. They only need to concentrate on practicing their skills. The fingerboard and chin rest are made of ebony, which is not easy to fade and is very suitable for a lot of practice. Coupled with the price of less than 300 US dollars, the Q033 is definitely the most cost-effective beginner's violin! View more: Knight Violin Outfit Q033

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