How to make a violin 1 Scraping

Handmade violin making is a very complex and skillful process, I will show the making process systematically.
Before that, I want to briefly discuss a question. Some friends asked us why we don’t use machines instead of handmade. In my opinion, this question is also the difference between a VSO and a good violin. There are machine-made violins on the market. The parts are made by precision machine tools, which are more accurate than manual production, but these violins have no soul and are all low-end violins, Because there are no two identical pieces of wood in the world, experienced luthiers will change the thickness or curvature of a panel according to the difference in wood, so as to make the performance of the violin reach the best. This is something that machines can never do. The purpose of using machines It's just about keeping costs down, making violins as cheap as possible to capture the market, and completely ignoring performance.
Let's start our production process. The first step is to plan the wood into panels and back panels.

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