What is A Good Beginner's Violin? Fiddlover Q015 Violin

Do you remember that we said before that violins under $300 are the most difficult to make, because it is a challenge to make a real violin within a limited cost. This time we will increase the standard for choosing a beginner’s violin to more than 500 US dollars. At this price, the beginner’s violin is more focused on quality. The Q015 beginner’s violin is such a violin set, which is suitable for the classic S1716 violin model and uses 3 stars High-grade spruce and maple wood, original nylon strings, which ensure the playability of the violin. If you want to upgrade your beginner violin or want to start your violin journey from a higher starting point, then consider the Q015 violin! View more:  Fiddlover Full Size Apprentice Violin Outfit Q015

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