How much does a violin cost? Take a few minutes to easily understand the violin price system


If you are a parent who needs to buy a violin for your child or someone who does not know much about the price of a violin, then you can read this article before buying a violin, it can help you solve your doubts about the price of a violin.

Choosing the Right Violin Cost

Before officially starting to buy a violin it is more important for buyers to clarify their real needs, and to choose a violin that is truly suitable for them within their budget is the right choice. Because the violin is not just a musical instrument, more importantly, the violin now also has a very high collection value, which makes the price of the violin a very large gap. Therefore, for those who need the violin for daily practice or performance use rather than collection, the lowest price to get a higher quality violin is the most suitable choice. (The prices introduced in this article refer to online purchases and do not involve the prices of offline stores. Generally speaking, offline store prices will be more expensive than online prices)

1: $100-600

Generally speaking, violins at this price are suitable for beginners or children. Maybe you've seen cheaper violins on Amazon before you buy them, but anyone who knows the violin market wouldn't recommend buying cheap Amazon violins if they recommend them, because they are very bad. Now in the violin market, China's violins account for more than 70% of the world's annual violin production, so don't be surprised if you find that this store's violins are made in China because most violins on the market are Made in China. This kind of violin is a factory violin, which is produced according to the traditional violin-making process standards. The raw materials of the violin are generally from China rather than Europe. The sound of a violin at this price is very good (for beginners, the nuances of the sound of each violin cannot be distinguished), and most of them are sold in the form of sets on the market, which can directly satisfy beginners. (you can buy the bow and rosin separately if you can because good accessories will make it easier for beginners to pull out beautiful sounds). If you are a beginner or a parent of a student, I recommend buying a violin at this price, because a violin at this price can give beginners a good start. After all, when you first start learning the violin, the sound of the violin will be It's unpleasant, so if many beginners don't have a good beginner violin, it will be very painful for them every time they practice. In addition, as children's bodies continue to develop, they will continue to need the right size violin for practice, so there is no need to spend more budget on this. Of course, with the improvement of the violin level, you can upgrade to a better violin. After all, a violin at this price can only be used for practice.

2: $500-3000

A violin at this price is often referred to as an intermediate violin. Strictly speaking, there is no very clear distinction between this violin and the beginner violin, and it can be regarded as an upgraded version of the beginner violin. Some adult beginners buy this violin, to begin with, but usually, an intermediate violin is bought as an upgrade rather than a first violin (just because of the price). The selection of intermediate violins will focus on the origin and quality of the wood, and European materials will be the first choice for violin materials at this price. The pattern on the back plate has a very beautiful tiger pattern, flame pattern or bird's eye pattern, etc. Intermediate violin sets generally come with the same grade of bows and cases, but they do not contain everything a beginner needs, so you need to know the accessories. If you want to buy a better violin, you can choose this price. For a violin at this price, you need to consider more about the material, craftsmanship, appearance, and tone rather than just the brand, because generally speaking, the brand brings The popularity of the product will also increase the price of the product.

3: $2000-5000

A violin in this price range is called a fine violin. Usually, customers who buy violins at this price have their understanding of violins, so you can see that the descriptions of fine violins are all for the violin itself, and generally do not come with matching bows and other accessories. Violins at this price on the market are of very good quality and can meet the needs of practice or performance or grade exams. Compared with more expensive violins, the difference is the brand, reputation, or whether it is an antique or not. In terms of the violin itself, such as material or craftsmanship, the difference between the two is not particularly big. So if you have a higher pursuit of the quality of the violin itself, a fine violin is a good choice for you. A violin at this price can bring the playing experience of a violin worth tens of thousands of dollars.

4: $5000-10000

A violin at this price is described by many merchants as a master violin. It is usually made by a team of current master luthiers with the corresponding certification. The brand will have a certain reputation. If you need a violin with a better brand, then your budget of $5,000-$10,000 will be more appropriate.

5: $10,000-100,000

The price range of violins at this price is relatively large, and they are generally composed of two types of violins. One is an antique violin, which has a certain collection and historical value. The other is purely hand-made by the master violin maker. The number of violins produced by the master violin maker each year may be only a few, so each one is relatively expensive and collectible value (many buyers of expensive violins own multiple violins, not just for use, but also for investment). This violin is more suitable for collectors or professional violinists to buy and use.

6: $100,000+

The price of a violin at this price is indescribable. The price of each violin is different. There is no way a violin at this price will appear on a shopping site. Generally, violins at this price point are privately or institutionally owned and will not be sold by violin shops. The Messiah violin by Antonio Stradivari is estimated to have a value of $20 million which makes it the most expensive violin in the world. There are about 600 Strad in existence. Equally famous luthiers are Giuseppe Guarneri, now there are 47 confirmed, each of which is invaluable.

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No matter how good a violin is, it needs a player, so please keep improving your playing ability and feel your music world.

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