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Fiddlover Customization Service Introduction

"For the past three years, we have been selling violins and bows through the Fiddlover official website in the United States. We have served thousands of customers, each with unique requirements or preferences. For example, some prefer fittings made from ebony, while others lean towards rosewood or snakewood fittings. To provide better service and meet their personalized needs, we are now offering a brand-new customization service to our customers," explained Aurora, the customer service manager at Fiddlover.

Currently, Fiddlover offers customization services for two products: violins and bows.

Customized Violins

Customization of violins primarily involves the replacement of accessories, including pegs, chinrests, tailpieces, and tail button.

The customization process is as follows:

Step 1: Choose Your Preferred Violin Model

Browse through violin products and select the violin model you prefer. Pay close attention to whether you like the grain patterns of the violin's top and back plates. Once you've decided on the desired violin model, such as the Q003 violin, you'll need to confirm the size. You can directly contact Fiddlover to confirm whether the size supports customization; generally, 4/4 size violins are customizable.

Step 2: Choose Your Preferred Accessory Materials

1: Pegs
Materials: Ebony, Rosewood, Boxwood, Snakewood, Box Elderwood.

2: Tailpieces
Materials: Carbon Fiber, Ebony, Rosewood, Boxwood, Snakewood, Box Elderwood.

3: Chinrest
Materials: Ebony, Rosewood, Boxwood, Snakewood, Box Elderwood.

4: Tail Button
Materials: Ebony, Rosewood, Boxwood, Snakewood, Box Elderwood.

Accessory materials can be individually replaced for any component or changed as a complete set. Specific details about accessories can be viewed on the Fiddlover website.

Step 3: Contact Fiddlover

Once you've determined the violin model and accessory materials, you can contact Fiddlover via email or online chat to provide a detailed description of your requirements. Based on your information, Fiddlover will offer you a customized violin proposal, including the violin and accessories you need, along with the associated costs.

If customization is desired, the costs will include three aspects:

• Violin cost

• Handcrafting fee of $30

• If the value of the selected accessories exceeds that of the original accessories, you'll need to cover the price difference, which will be indicated in the email.

Step 4: Confirm and Buy

Upon receiving the customized violin proposal, if you have no objections to the proposal and its cost, you can directly place the order on the website. Fiddlover will process the order and, once prepared, will ship it out and provide you with the tracking number.

• Customization communication and production require time, which might lead to extended delivery times.

• If you're uncertain whether certain requirements can be customized, feel free to directly contact Fiddlover. We will respond promptly upon receiving emails or messages.

• Once customers have confirmed the customization plan, orders cannot be unilaterally canceled once they are generated.

• For any inquiries, please don't hesitate to reach out to Fiddlover.

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