Best Violins for Beginners in 2023


If you are ready to start learning the violin, whether you are an adult or a kid, you can choose Fiddlelover Fiddle online shop. Fiddlover offers the best starter violin outfit for beginners, where you can get better products at the same price.

How to start learning the violin?

Whether you're an adult or a kid, you need a teacher to get you started. There are many violin teaching videos on the Internet, but they are not suitable for beginners. Because the most important thing for beginners is to master the correct playing habits, which requires the teacher to spend a lot of energy on face-to-face guidance and correction.

What violin equipment do beginners need?

·Violin. For beginners, a quality violin can get you off to a good start. Never use a cheap violin for learning, it will give you a bad playing experience. Many beginners who use low-quality violins find it difficult to persist in learning.

·Bow. A quality bow is important for beginners. For beginners, you don't need a very expensive bow, but be sure to use a bow that uses horsetail hair instead of synthetic fiber for the bowstring. In general, a good beginner bow will be slightly heavier, which helps beginners to practice.

·Rosin. If the bow is not coated with rosin, it will not produce sound. Professional performers have strict requirements for rosin. However, it is difficult for beginners to feel the subtle differences brought about by different rosins, so it is recommended to use dust-free rosin to meet their performance needs.

·Shoulder rest. Placed on the shoulders, together with the chin rest, it assists in securing the violin.

·Violin sticker. Posted on the fingerboard, it is convenient for beginners to practice fingering.

·Electronic tuner. Assist beginners in violin tuning.

·Fine tuner. Assist beginners in violin tuning.

·Mute. Installed on the bridge to reduce the sound of the violin.

·Case. It can put down all the violin equipment and can also protect the violin.

How to choose the violin size?

For adult beginners, you can directly use a 4/4 violin (also known as Full-size violin). For children or students, their age and arm length need to be considered comprehensively. You can refer to "INSTRUMENT SIZE GUIDE".

How to buy a violin for beginners?

At present, there are two main ways to buy violins, one is to buy from offline stores, and the other is to buy from online stores. It is recommended that beginners can purchase through online stores because online violin stores will be cheaper than offline stores. Especially Fiddlover Violin Online Shop, where you can get better products at the same price.

Best Beginner Violin Recommendations for Adults

If you are an adult who wants to learn the violin and doesn't know how to choose a violin that suits you, then we suggest you choose the Q003 violin of the Fiddlover brand.

Best Adult Beginner Violin Set Q003

Product Name and URLIntermediate Violin Set W/Case,Bow,Strings,Shoulder Rest,Rosin,Sticker,Polishing Cloth,Mute,Tuner Q003

Material: Siberian spruce for the top plate. The back plate is made of Sichuan maple. The wood drying time is 10 years. Accessories are made of ebony.

Original price: $659

Recommended reason:

1: Adult beginners can always use a 4/4 size violin, so compared with children, they don’t need to change the size of the violin frequently, so they can buy a relatively good entry-level violin.

2: The Q003 violin set is very complete, and the quality of the accessories is very good. But after all, it is an intermediate violin set, without the violin sticker. (You can contact Fiddlover if you need)

3: The violin has excellent sound quality and a beautiful appearance. (page with audition video)

4: Q series violins are Fiddlover's main series of violins. The quality of this series of violins is better than other violins at the same price.

Conclusion: Q003 is suitable as an upgrade violin set for students, or a starter set for adults.

Best beginner violin recommendations for students or kids

As children grow, violins need to be replaced frequently. A budget that is more suitable for children to buy a violin is $200-500. The best beginner violin in this price range is the Q033.

Best Student Beginner Violin Set Q033

Product name and URL: Classic Student/Beginner Violin Outfit

Material: Selected spruce for the top plate. The back plate is made of selected maple wood. Fittings are available in jujube and ebony.

Original price: $299

Recommended reason:

1: The Q033 outfit is very complete, meeting all the needs of violin beginners.

2: With 4 fine tuners, it is convenient for children to tune.

3: The sound quality is beautiful and can meet performance needs.

4: The price is cheap.

5: The size is complete, from 4/4 to 1/8, and comes with a complete size guide.

6: The product page has a 360° display function, which allows you to view the violin in all directions.

Conclusion: Q033 is the most classic student violin outfit. students and kids to buy as their first violin are very suiting.

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