2023 Valentine's Day Gift Recommendations


Valentine's Day is a day full of love. On this day you need to use various methods to make your lover feel your strong love for him or her. If you think just gifts like chocolates or teddy bears are enough to express, that's not what he or she wants. Come on, let's take a look at the Valentine's Day gift strategy carefully prepared by Fiddlover Violin Shop.

Love Series Violins: Beginner Violin Outfit L004

Valentine's Day Beginner Violin Outfit L004

If your lover wants to learn the violin, then Beginner Violin Outfit L004 can be the first choice. It includes everything you need to get started with the violin, bow, rosin, shoulder rest, spare strings, tuner, mute, fine tuner, violin sticker, and polishing cloth.

Q series knight products: Intermediate Violin Set Q003

Valentine's Day Intermediate Violin Set Q003

The Queen series has always been the core of Fiddlover. As the knight product of the Q series, Q003 has always been the most popular. Q003 includes all the violin accessories, and the quality of the accessories is very good. As a gift, the beautiful appearance and moving voice will make the other party like it.

Original price: $659

Valentine's Day event price: $593

Violin Case: Advanced Carbon Fiber Violin Case CT9

Valentine's Day Advanced Carbon Fiber Violin Case CT9

The silver-white exterior with black lining makes CT9 a very popular violin bag. The whole is made of carbon fiber, which is light and strong and can well protect everything inside.

Original price: $279

Valentine's Day Event Price: $219

Violin Bow: 4/4 Classic Carbon Fiber Pure Horsetail Violin Bow B107

Valentine's Day 44 Classic Carbon Fiber Pure Ponytail Violin Bow B107

The most cost-effective carbon fiber violin bow, and high-grade dust-free rosin are included with the purchase of the bow. The bowstring is made of Siberian horsetail hair, which has good toughness and strong pulling force. The bow body has strong tension, good elasticity, no side bending, no deformation, and won't break. Can satisfy all your imagination of a carbon fiber bow.

Original price: $108

Valentine's Day Event Price: $91

The Valentine's Day event runs from February 7th to February 15th, 2023. During the event, you can also get a promotional code by following Fiddlover. While enjoying the event price, you can also enjoy additional discounts by entering the promotional code. Moreover, customers who purchase any product during this period will receive a beautiful gift.

Valentine's Day gifts from Fiddlover

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