Fiddlover Violin Shop Upgrade Announcement


To provide a better experience for every violinist, we have decided to upgrade the Fiddlover website. 

In the future, we will be delivering improved services and quality to our customers. 

During this period, the website will remain fully functional, so feel free to make purchases with confidence.

Through Fiddlover Violin Shop, we have served thousands of violinists, offering them high-quality instruments and accessories. Over time, we have received recognition from many satisfied customers who greatly appreciate the value and quality of our products. This continuous support motivates us to strive for excellence. 

Our goal is to ensure that every violinist can acquire a truly exceptional instrument at an affordable price and enjoy the premium playing experience it brings.

Throughout these years, while catering to diverse customer demands, we have encountered challenges and areas for improvement. 

To enhance the experience for every violinist, we have made the decision to upgrade the Fiddlover Violin Shop website. Rest assured, all website functions will be operational during the upgrade period, allowing you to shop with confidence.

Enhanced Page Experience: 

We have adjusted the layout of the website, removing redundant features to create a clearer and more visually appealing browsing experience for our customers. 

This enhancement is expected to be completed around October 2023.

Higher Quality Violins and Bows: 

We have carefully selected 18 violin models, including 5 for beginners and 13 for intermediate players. These 18 violins are our flagship products, accompanied by superior accessories such as Aubert bridge craftsmanship and D'Addario strings. 

The violin upgrade has already been completed, and you can now purchase them through the Fiddlover Violin Shop.

Enhanced Packaging Safety: 

While we cannot control the challenges violins might face during shipping, we have adopted sturdier packaging materials and incorporated anti-shock airbags within the boxes to provide optimal protection for the violins. 

Based on feedback from numerous customers, the upgraded packaging has effectively safeguarded the instruments.

Faster Shipping: 

Orders exceeding $50 qualify for free shipping, but the delivery time might be longer. For customers seeking expedited delivery, we now offer faster shipping through UPS, with an estimated delivery time of 2-5 business days.

Customized Solutions: 

Understanding that preferences for violin styles and bows vary, we have introduced customization options. Violinists can tailor their instruments and bow accessories to match their individual tastes. Different materials and styles of accessories yield distinct outcomes. For more information, refer to the Custom Violins and Bow Customization pages, which are set to be launched concurrently with the website's page experience upgrade.

Closing Words:

To play is to express yourself. There are many things in life that can be saved, but a high-quality violin is not among them.

We thank every past customer. Your recognition of our products brings us the greatest joy.

We look forward to every future customer. We will provide you with excellent instruments and thoughtful service.

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