Beautiful Snakewood Intermediate Violin Q006

Q006 intermediate violin is a star product, one of our mature products. Its most obvious feature is the beautiful snakewood accessories: snakewood pegs and snakewood chinrests, which raise the violin's overall temperament to a higher level. Of course, a good violin not only needs to be beautiful, and the Q006 intermediate violin is made of European panels, which can produce a clear and warm sound. We have recently upgraded the bridge and strings for the Q006 violin. The bridge is Aubert A, Each bridge will be refined by the luthier. The strings are made of aluminum-magnesium strings, the spare string is PIRASTRO 9001. Upgrading can maximize the performance of the violin. If you want a beautiful and excellent violin, Q006 Intermediate Violin is definitely your first choice! View More: Viscount Violin Outfit Q006

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