Large mesh pattern carbon fiber bow B205


Since the carbon fiber material was applied to the bow, the carbon fiber violin bow has won the favor of musicians in an unstoppable form.
When it comes to carbon fiber bows, most people think of light weight, no deformation, and stable performance. But in fact, compared with the wood bow, the carbon fiber bow is really not easy to deform, it will not bend sideways, and there is no need to worry about the impact of weather changes on the wood. Just to correct one point, carbon fiber bows are not lighter than wooden bows. On the contrary, some violinists don't like to use light bows.
Generally. The pattern of carbon fiber is divided into pure black and large pattern. The B205 carbon fiber bow is a large pattern, it has all the characteristics of a carbon fiber bow, and uses the classic ebony + single fisheye shape. If you need a large pattern carbon fiber bow, then B205 is your best choice. 
View B205: Fiddlover Classic Carbon Fiber Violin Bow Large Mesh B205
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