Where can buy a good beginner violin? L018 violin


Do you want to start your violin journey with a higher starting point? Then choosing a good beginner violin is a must. The L018 beginner violin is made of four-star spruce and maple wood, has a warm sound and stable performance, and presents all the accessories that beginners need. The L018 violin also has these features:

1: The material is naturally air-dried for more than 10 years, and high-quality spruce is selected. The annual rings of the panel are clearly visible.

2: Selected high-quality Changbai Mountain maple backboard, the material pattern is uniform and regular, and the fine Copal glue is used to paint by hand to improve the sound quality of the violin, and the paint surface is smooth and flawless.

3: The violin side panel pattern matches the back panel pattern to ensure the overall grade price of the violin. It adopts ebony fingerboard, jujube wood pull board, chin rest, with metal fine-tuning, high-grade horse bridge and sound post, which are polished and assembled by masters.

View more details: Fiddlover Classic Beginner Violin Set L018

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