Should I buy a violin online?


Should I buy violins online? Yes, you will have no problem buying violins online. Nowadays online shopping is very convenient, you can buy anything you want online. However, you need to find an option that is more suitable for you.

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If you want to buy a violin, you can do so through online or offline violin stores. Both paths are optional. No one channel's better or worse, it's just that there may be a more suitable choice for each person.

Am I suitable for buying violins offline?

If you can find a violin shop easily near your residence or workplace. Then you can go to these stores and find the violin you like for trial. If the price is right, you can buy it directly. Obviously, the outstanding advantage of buying a violin offline is that you can try it directly in the store and the convenient offline service.

But if you shop in an offline store, first you need to spend time visiting, and maybe eventually you need to visit multiple offline stores. Secondly, for violins of the same quality, the price of offline stores is often higher than that of online stores. If you are a beginner or want to buy a violin under $3,000, you can choose an online store. It is more suitable to buy a violin at this price online. If you need to buy a more expensive violin, then you'd better buy it offline, so that you can experience everything about the violin in great detail before buying. The premise is that you really know the violin before you can buy an expensive violin by yourself, otherwise I suggest you seek help from a friend or teacher.

Finally, if you can easily find a violin store offline, and the violin you need to buy is relatively expensive, then it is recommended that you buy it offline.

Should I buy a violin online?

In places far from big cities, we may have to travel far to find a violin shop. If you don't find the instrument you're looking for in this store, you'll need to drive to another store. This situation is more suitable for you to buy online. Of course, even if you can easily find an offline violin store, you can still choose to buy online, because online shopping has its own advantages.

Advantages of Buying Violins Online

* You can view multiple stores at the same time, just through your mobile phone or computer, which is very convenient.

*For the same violin, the price of online purchases will be lower than that of offline stores.

*Convenient logistics service, after the order is placed, it can be delivered directly to the doorstep through UPS and other logistics companies.

*Perfect return and exchange policy, no need to bear the loss for the wrong product.

Disadvantages of Buying Violins Online

*The photos provided by the merchant may be different from the violin you see. This is unavoidable, and no business can do that the picture you see is the same as the violin you see in reality, even if it is the same violin.

*You cannot inspect the violin until it is received. So your best bet is to find a professional online violin store that will check it out for you. If you bought your violin from Wal-Mart or other supermarkets, it is very difficult for them to do this.

*Even if the logistics speed is fast, it will take time for you to receive the violin. So if you are particularly urgent, it is recommended to purchase offline.

So, if you are a violin beginner or a student, then you can buy violins online, which will allow you to learn at a lower cost. But if you need a professional instrument that costs tens of thousands of dollars, it is more suitable to buy a violin offline.

How to buy a violin online?

Buying a violin online can be a daunting task for some, especially if you don't know how to get started. Don't worry, I have some very practical advice for you. I also had no way to make a decision when I first bought a violin, but with my knowledge of the violin industry, now I can quickly choose the right violin.

little girl learning violin Fiddlover

Step One: Determine your needs and budget

The level of the violin can be divided into beginner, intermediate, fine, and professional. For professional violins, I recommend buying them offline because they are very expensive. Each grade of the violin has a different price, you can refer to "How much does a violin cost? Take a few minutes to easily understand the violin price system".

Therefore, if you are buying a beginner violin, you can budget around $500. If it is necessary to upgrade the violin, then you can purchase it within 5,000 US dollars according to your situation.

Step Two: Get to Know the Violin

It's a huge undertaking if you want to get into the violin in depth. Fortunately, we only need to know a few basics to go shopping for a violin. There are also many kinds of wood for accessories, such as ebony, jujube, rosewood, boxwood, snakewood, and so on. If you want to know more, you can refer to the following articles.

*《What is a good violin?

*《How do you know how much your violin is worth?

*《The difference between the electric violin and the traditional violin

To buy a violin online, you must carefully check the violin parameters provided by the merchant. Generally, the merchant will announce the material of each part.

Step Three: Find a Violin Store

Be sure to choose an online store that specializes in selling violins or stringed instruments. Avoid those supermarkets or general stores. Because a professional violin shop can provide you with the best advice and settings, and will also know how to better protect the violin during logistics and transportation. After all, the violin is a very fragile instrument.

Step 4: Where is the Best Place to Buy a Violin Online?

For beginners, the most important thing is to get the best violin at the best price. So it can be purchased at Fiddlover Violin Shop. Fiddlover is a violin manufacturer in China that can provide factory prices directly. And there are perfect online services and strict instrument settings. At present, the main works are Love and Queen series, corresponding to beginner and intermediate violins respectively.

Step 5: Find the right violin for you in the online store

What kind of violin is right for you? 

The first is to fit the budget, and the second is to find the violin style you like. After all, it is not only a musical instrument but also a work of art. It is very important to conform to your aesthetics.

Of course, the sound is very important for violins, and the better the sound quality, the more expensive the violin will be. However, for beginners, it's enough to find a violin with good sound quality, and you can improve your playing skills to pursue better sound quality as you progress.

In addition, most beginner violins come in sets, which include everything needed to get started. However, violins of other grades may not be very complete, and you need to purchase accessories separately.

Finally, find the size you need. There are many sizes of violins. Adults can use 4/4 (full-size) violins. Students and children should find the right violin according to their age or arm length. Read the INSTRUMENT SIZE GUIDE to find the proper size.

Step 6: Contact merchants to seek discounts

Some violin shops have preferential policies for new customers. You can contact the merchant before placing an order to see if there is a discount, which can reduce expenses.

Step 7: Check the package after receiving it

Violins are relatively easy to break, so check whether the package is in good condition as soon as you receive it. If the package is seriously damaged, take a photo and contact the merchant and refuse to accept the package.

If you find that the violin is seriously damaged after opening the package, you should contact the merchant. Generally, merchants will provide compensation after determining that the damage was caused during transportation. Don't worry about bearing the loss yourself, as this is entirely a problem with the logistics company's transportation.

At this point, the purchase of the online violin has been completed. Next, you need to continue to work hard to learn how to play the violin. Until you feel the need for a better violin, then you need to buy a new violin.

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