Are you getting ready for 2022 Halloween?


Halloween is the most "haunted" time of the year when people dress up as various ghosts, pirates, aliens, and witches to roam the streets. Now that Halloween 2022 is less than a month away, violin lovers take a look at what preparations need to be done.

Types of Festive Dressing

On Halloween, people dress up in a variety of costumes according to their interests. Have you thought about what type of costumes you have for yourself or your children? The more common types are as follows.

Fantasy category:

Ghost: It is said that after death, people will turn into ghosts and return to the world.

Elf: A magical race that is close to nature and can do magic.

Werewolf: A race that turns into a wolf when you meet the full moon night and is hostile to vampires.

Vampire: The nobleman in the legendary ghost, lives by blood-sucking, fears the cross and the sun, and is hostile to the werewolf.

Zombie: With a pale face, you can make all kinds of zombie masks according to your ideas.

Character dress type:

Pirates: Who doesn't yearn for the sea of stars, owns a pirate ship of their own, and travels around the world to collect bounties?

Wizards: The little wizards in Harry Potter have always been children's favorites.

Superheroes: Captain America, Superman, Iron Man, etc. look cool.

Pumpkin Mask: The yellow pumpkin mask brings you the joy of harvest.

Festival Customs Activities

Greenwich Village Halloween Parade: Started in 1973 by Mr. Ralph Lee, a mask maker, and puppeteer, it started as a parade with friends and children to a neighbor's house, and slowly evolved into a grand parade. People wear all kinds of costumes and hold simple musical instruments. People are constantly joining in along the way, accompanied by cheerful music, wandering the streets, and the whole process may take several hours. If you're going to join them, be sure to protect your violin, it's a very fragile instrument after all.

halloween fiddlover

Trick Or Treat: Kids carry their beloved jack-o-lanterns and wear weird costumes and go door-to-door with adults for candy. However, now basically children and parents only go to homes with Halloween costumes to ask for them, to avoid disturbing those who are not like the festival. At the same time, it should be noted that the candy given to children cannot be made at home, must be well packaged, and can only be given to children within the shelf life. If you are a parent, you need to help your child check the candy before letting your child eat it.

Holiday Food

On Halloween, be sure to prepare several kinds of food in advance, to fully feel the joy of the holiday.

Pumpkin: Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Cookies, Pumpkin Seeds.

Apple: November 1st is also the festival of Pomona in ancient Rome, Pomona is the god of fruit trees. Gradually, the custom of eating apples was formed, and now many places also eat apples on this day to celebrate.

Candy: Halloween candies are most commonly packaged in orange, brown, and black.

Violin Music for Halloween

As a violin lover, you can express your joy by playing a violin song while sharing the holiday joy with friends or family on Halloween. More suitable violin songs are: 《This is halloween》

Fiddlover This is halloween

Well, this is the end of sharing about Halloween. Follow Fiddlover for more violin-related content. At the same time, the Fiddlover Violin Shop is currently doing an event, and customers who buy violins have the opportunity to get exquisite Halloween-themed gifts.

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