As a company specializing in violin making and selling, we are very supportive of people's love for violins, we not only provide factory price products in our online store, but also some subsidy programs to help people buy their favorite instruments. Please read carefully to find out which subsidy conditions you are eligible for, and remember to enter the coupon code at checkout:

  • NEW FRIEND program 

Fiddlers who shop for the first time in our store will receive a 5% no-threshold discount. CODE:  SP1 


We support the learning of the violin for children and adults. Beginners will enjoy a $10 discount on a one-time purchase of more than $200. CODE: SP2


We support violin lovers to continue learning the violin, and subsidize the replacement of equipment. Enthusiast will enjoy a $20 discount on a one-time purchase of more than $600. CODE: SP3

  • OLD FRIEND program

Thank you very much for your support and it is a great honor to serve you again. We know that learning the violin is a long-term thing. In the process, we need to constantly replace our equipment. The second time you buy Accessories in our shop, you will enjoy a 10% discount if the actual order amount is more than $50; The third time you buy, the actual amount of the order is more than $50, will enjoy a 15% discount, and so on, up to 35% discount.

  • Note:
  1. The subsidy program is valid for a long time.
  2. Each subsidy can only be used once by a user.
  3. Only one discount code can be entered at a time. (If more than one subsidy is eligible, select the discount code with the most subsidy)
  4. This subsidy can be overlapped with holiday activities, and you can enjoy additional discount.
  • How to use the CODE:
1. Both the shopping cart page and the checkout page have coupon code input boxes.
2. The checkout page of mobile devices needs to click on the top --Show order summary--input code.

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